Nomado Boutique Hotel
Nomado Boutique Hotel



Nomado Boutique Hotel Recommends Chic Minimalist Luxury 36 Different Interior Rooms

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Experience the Exotic Night in Nomado

In the Nomado Boutique Hotel you can experience the 2000 years of Mongolian vast history. We are recommending you 4 different concept, 36 unique hotel rooms. Each room represents the one of the historical occasion or place with the unique interior design.
The art of simplicity rather than ostentatious splendour is our conception of luxury. Open concept kitchen & open concept lobby defines the welcoming atmosphere is immediately noticeable when you cross the threshold, leaving behind the bustle of the city to enter a lounge that could be your own.


The Temple is a Modern Fusion restaurant that aims to deliver a unique dining experience that is influenced by the traditional and exotic flavors of international cuisine and the contemporary setting of modern Mongolia. We are in the city center and 1 min walk from Gandantegchlen Monastery, one of the must-see places in Ulaanbaatar.

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